Red Berry Roasters, is a story of an obsession done right. Founder, Abubakr Khan, a coffee guru, aficionado, had one simple goal in mind: To bring true Specialty Coffee to Pakistan. His mantra is to never settle for anything short of perfection. Khan’s eye for quality and attention to detail led him to be represented at the prestigious Re;co Symposium as the first Pakistani fellow in Boston, April 2019. He received a standing ovation on the speech he gave at the opening ceremony and the underlying message was to shine light on the growing coffee community in Pakistan and a pledge to put Pakistan on the world Specialty Coffee map. 

RBR is driven by Khan’s utter passion to deliver on his mission to roast the finest coffees in Pakistan with standards surpassing that of imported roasted coffees. With an international grade roasting facility set in the heart of Lahore, we roast our coffees delicately to bring out a unique flavor profile catering to coffee snobs as well as high-end cafes. It all starts with the bean and we source farm-direct coffee from the hills of Colombia to the beautiful Kona mountains in Hawaii, building relationships as coffee and people are what matter to us the most.

“Coffee isn’t just a beverage but an experience that transcends borders, cultures, religion and provides the truest expression of a global community.”        M.A.Khan

RBR is a culmination of this vision and we will continue to strive for perfection so you can enjoy the finest coffees.

we are RBR
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